For closing letter requests, please go to

·  Community Management Associates utilizes HomeWiseDocs for all closing letter requests.

·  No emailed or faxed requests will be accepted by the CMA offices.

·  All Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina closing letter requests must be received from an attorney office.

·  All Tennessee closing letter requests may be received from a title services or attorney office.

·  Closing letter requests are subject to rush fees if requests are made close to the closing date.

·  All request types, pricing, payment options, and additional information are available at HomeWiseDocs.


Covenants, CCRs and bylaws can be found on our website.

All realtors and closing attorneys should know the following regarding Cobb County code ordinances.  Parkwood Commons is zoned for single family homes. This means one family and one unrelated adult OR two unrelated adults may occupy the home. Rentals to college students is discouraged (more than two unrelated students is a violation of single family zoning).  We are also zoned R15 for parking, meaning no more than 4 vehicles may be parked outside the home a majority of nights (4 or more nights a week). 

All swim-tennis members must be members of the homeowners association. We have two levels of membership.  Civic members pay $150.00 annually and may optionally join swim-tennis each year for an additional $300.00.   Recreational members pay $350.00 each year and have access to the swim-tennis facilities continuously. Please note that membership is permanent except that a Civic member may step up to Recreational to attain a reduced annual cost.  Recreational members MAY NOT step down to Civic once selected. The Parkwood Commons Homeowners Association currently pays all legal cost for filing of membership selections.

Annual civic fees are $150.00 per year.  Annual permanent recreational fees are $350.00.    Our mailing address is PCHA, P. O Box 2763, Acworth, GA 30102.